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We manufacture integral systems of modular sanitary architecture

The MCP modular systems are a fully homogeneous and integrated set of sandwich panels, doors, viewers, luminaires, profiles and material feed-throughs for the installation of cleanrooms.

Our extensive experience in classified spaces, our extensive catalog of solutions and custom manufacturing guarantee the optimal solution to your needs, regardless of your sector of activity.

Custom fabrication for clean rooms and classified spaces

Modular Sanitary Architecture System

Paneles Sandwich MCP


Sandwidh panels are the basis of our modular sanitary architecture system. We manufacture all types of panels for clean rooms and classified spaces, custom-made and in a wide variety of materials and finishes.

Puerta descompensada


We manufacture single, double or decompensated doors for clean rooms.

We offer a wide variety of finishes, options and accessories, from handles and cylinders to traffic lights or magnetic interlocks.

Visor Salas Limpias -MCP

Flush windows

Flush viewers in double laminated glass with aluminum profile filled with desiccant molecular sieve and designed to fit easily into the MCP and BMCP modular systems.

Available in any size upon request.

Portaluminarias - MCP

Lighting frames

Watertight luminaire housings for the installation of LED lighting systems, designed to fit MCP and BMCP systems .They are accessible from the top to facilitate maintenance without losing the classification of the room.

Conectores - MCP


Wide variety of connectors for the assembly of modular sanitary architecture systems.

We manufacture ceiling anchors, floor profiles, connectors, profiles for the passage of installations, etc.

Perfiles - MCP


We design and manufacture Aluminum and PVC profiles for the perfect finishing of clean rooms and classified spaces.

Skirtings, concave or convex profiles and trims make up a global solution for the perfect finishing of installations with our modular panels.

Armario Vestuario - MCP

Wardrobe items

We supply all types of furniture and accessories for clean room locker rooms made of stainless steel sheet: cabinets, benches, shelves, sinks, coat racks, shelves, etc. 

Protecciones - MCP

Wall guards

Protections of all types for clean rooms: bollards, straight and L-shaped bars that protect sandwich panels from impact and other damage.

Pasamateriales - MCP

Pass boxes (SAS)

We manufacture customized static and dynamic pass-throughs for classified spaces that integrate perfectly with the modular architecture of the cleanroom.

Why Modular Clean Panel?

10 Advantages of MCP systems

Sistema de arquitectura sanitaria modular MCP

1. Integral System

It includes everything necessary to make any clean room: panels, profiles, doors, visors, lights, protections, wardrobe items, material pass-throughs...

MCP Detalle Constructivo Union Pared Conector H

Modular System

Its pieces fit perfectly in a set that grows and adapts to all your needs.

Salas Limpias

3. Perfectly Homogeneous

It achieves a totally harmonious finish in which all the pieces complement each other perfectly.

Foto Aerea Iguna

4. Sole source supplier

Simplify your management by optimizing resources and concentrating responsibilities on a single supplier of trust.

Fabricacion Paneles MCP

5. In-house manufacturing

In addition to our own engineering and R&D, we offer warranty and advice factory.


6. Minimum delivery times

Thanks to stock control and automated production, we are able to serve our customers with our products. references in a record time.

Paneles Sandwich MCP

7. Extensive range of options

We manufacture panels with the characteristics required for each project: XPS, rock wool, Honeycomb, lacquered steel, PET, AISI 3014 or 316, frames with frames, etc.

Fabricación a medida

8. Custom manufacturing

Forget about on-site cutting and get a better finish, reducing assembly time, waste and residues during installation.

Integración Equipos

9. Seamless team integration

Our system guarantees the perfect integration of the containment, protection and process equipment required in any classified space.


10. We are experts in Clean Rooms

Modular Clean Panel is a brand of Iguña Pharmaceutical Technologies: with more than 20 years of experience in design, installation, validation and maintenance of clean rooms, we are your partner. of trust.

Your trust, our best letter of introduction

Reference customers

After more than 20 years as experts in classified spaces, Iguña Pharmaceutical Technologies is proud to have worked for major brands in the pharmaceutical, food and electronics sectors, among many others:

Your trust, our best letter of introduction

Reference customers

After more than 20 years as experts in classified spaces, Iguña Pharmaceutical Technologies is proud to have worked for major brands in the pharmaceutical, food or electronics sectors, among many others, either by performing installations (Iguña), manufacturing modular sanitary architecture systems (Modular Clean Panel) or by supplying containment and protection equipment for clean rooms (Kirhtech).

International vocation

Global Presence

At Iguña, our international vocation and experience have led us to carry out projects and deploy equipment in multiple countries, consolidating our global presence in the cleanroom sector.


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