We design and manufacture auxiliary technological equipment of protection, containment
and process, such as Cabinets, Laminar Flows, Insulators, SAS and Filling Machinery.

We have an R&D team dedicated to the improvement of our standard equipment and the design of
non-standard prototypes, adapting them in each case to the specific needs of the customer and the sector.

We have an in-house quality management system certified according to ISO 9001:2015, and in addition,
all MCP products are certified in line with the quality requirements of GMP and ISO standards.


MCP has a team of technicians with more than 20 years experience in the design and certification of Auxiliary Equipment for Clean Rooms. And they are responsible for reflecting the DNA of MCP in our products:

Adjustment to Customer needs and Changes
Philosophy of Continuous Improvement


To guarantee the best product, MCP is committed to innovation and quality

MCP supports research, development, innovation and the constant implementation of improvements in both end products and production processes.

In order to achieve continuous improvement, we have a team dedicated exclusively to enhancing the MCP system, by incorporating new materials and improving existing ones. In parallel, we are constantly investing in the improvement of production equipment and in the optimization of manufacturing processes.

We have a quality management system certified according to the European UNE-EN ISO: 9001 standards, applied to internal processes for the design of Clean Rooms.

For the Manufacture of Sanitary Architecture according to regulations UNE-EN ISO 14509:2014 and GMP, MCP is highly meticulous about the qualitative selection of suppliers and raw materials.

In order to achieve strict compliance with GMP, we filter suppliers using qualitative criteria based on certifications and, upon receiving materials in the factory, we verify the state of the product prior to its incorporation into the production process.

We have two production lines working in parallel for the production of panels, one for the MCP system and another for the BMCP and Basic System.
In the manufacture of MCP systems, we achieve the highest quality standards in the industry for pharmaceutical panel manufacturing, and we do this by applying a batch production method that enables full and complete adjustment of the materials used.

For the manufacture of the BMCP systems and Basic System, we use continuous production, speeding up manufacture by monitoring the entire process by computer.

A strict and rigorous process results in recognizable quality in the end product. The MCP system is accredited with CE certification for the following tests, based on the general framework standard for Sanitary Architecture UNE-EN ISO 14509:2014:

Air and Water Permeability Test (Door and Panel) – UNE-EN ISO 12210:2000
Wind Resistance Test (Door and Panel) – UNE-EN ISO 12210:2000
Reaction to Fire Test (Panel) – UNE-EN ISO 1382:2010
Fire Classification Test (Panel) – UNE-EN ISO 13501 -1:2007
Durability Test (Panel) – UNE-EN ISO 14509:2007
Mechanical Test (Panel) – UNE-EN ISO 14509:2006
Airborne Sound Insulation Test (Panel) – UNE-EN ISO 10140:2011
Thermal Transmittance Report – UNE-EN ISO 14509:2007


We work so that our activity has the minimum impact on the environment and provides the maximum well-being for people.

Green Factory:
MCP translates its respect and commitment to the environment into its internal policies to reduce the ecological footprint.
The policies of MCP for reducing its environmental impact are applied in the processes of product innovation, manufacture and distribution. For example, they are reflected in our attitude to waste. In this respect, we ensure the maximum optimization of raw materials for manufacturing and apply selective recycling policies for surplus waste.

At MCP, we work for the wellbeing and conciliation of people, and for this purpose, we have a guarantee plan to ensure a safe and healthy environment.
To achieve this, we apply measures such as those relating to family/work balance, in order to increase staff motivation, as well as adopting the “5S” approach to production, increasing safety, health and productivity. Along the same line, we also carry out internal audits, as well as monitoring indicators and provide occupational risk training, which results in the subsequent application of ergonomic and corrective measures to processes.



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MCP provides Customer Service which covers technical advice, training and an immediate response to any query about our auxiliary equipment.
Want to become an MCP Distributor? Fill in the form below or contact our Sales Department, and together we will assess the feasibility of a potential collaboration.

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