We design and manufacture complete modular sanitary architecture systems for GMP environments.

We design and manufacture complete systems of modular sanitary architecture.

With different products designed to complement each other, the MCP modular systems present a fully integrated and homogeneous design of sandwich panels, doors, viewers, luminaires, profiles and pass-throughs for cleanrooms.

Each system responds to different needs, so we offer a technical advice service.
and we guarantee tailor-made sanitary architecture solutions for each client and sector.


We have extensive experience in multiple industrial sectors

Pharmaceutical industry

Cosmetic industry

Food industry

Veterinary Industry


Hospitals and clinics

Aerospace industry


Chemical industry

Plastics manufacturing

Medical equipment



We have a quality management system certified according to European standards UNE-EN ISO:9001, applied to internal processes for the design of clean rooms.

The result of a strict and rigorous process derives in the recognition of the quality of the final product. MCP is accredited with CE certificates for the following tests, which are based on the general framework standard for sanitary architecture UNE-EN ISO 14509:2014:

  • Air and water permeability test (door and panel): UNE-EN ISO 12210:2000.
  • Wind resistance test (door and panel): UNE-EN ISO 12210:2000.
  • Reaction to fire test (panel): UNE-EN ISO 1382:2010.
  • Fire classification test (panel): UNE-EN ISO 13501-1:2007.
  • Durability test (panel): UNE-EN ISO 14509:2007.
  • Mechanical test (panel): UNE-EN ISO 14509:2006.
  • Airborne sound insulation test (panel): UNE-EN ISO 10140:2011.
  • Thermal transmittance report (panel): UNE-EN ISO 14509:2007

Industry 4.0

We offer our customers an industry 4.0 process and more than 3000 m2 of production space, which places us at the forefront of the sector in terms of customer responsiveness thanks to the extensive experience of our production processes of sanitary architecture and modules for clean rooms.

MCP is equipped with process monitoring by means of a fully computerized CDP (Production Control) module and state-of-the-art machinery, which, combined with a high production capacity, provides great planning flexibility to adapt to unforeseen events or urgent orders.


MCP is committed to research, development, innovation and constant implementation of improvements both in the final product and in the production processes.

In the pursuit of constant improvement, we have a team dedicated exclusively to the improvement of the MCP system, incorporating new materials and improving existing ones. In parallel, we constantly invest in the improvement of production equipment and the optimization of manufacturing processes.

Raw Materials

For the manufacture of sanitary architecture according to UNE-EN ISO 14509:2014 and GMP standards, MCP applies a strict rigor in the qualitative selection of suppliers and raw materials.

To ensure strict GMP compliance, we screen suppliers according to qualitative criteria based on certifications and, upon receipt of materials at the factory, we check the condition of the product before it enters the production process.


In panel production, we have two production lines that run in parallel: one for the MCP system and the other for the BMCP and Basic System.

In the manufacture of the MCP system, we achieve the highest quality standards in the pharmaceutical panel manufacturing industry by applying a discontinuous production process that allows us to modulate 100% of the materials.

In the manufacture of BMCP and Basic System systems, we apply a continuous manufacturing process that speeds up production by monitoring the entire process by computer.

Social Responsibility

We work so that our activity has the minimum impact on the environment and the maximum well-being for people.

Green Factory

MCP translates its respect and commitment to the environment in its internal policies to reduce its ecological footprint.

MCP’s policies for the reduction of environmental impact are applied in the product innovation, manufacturing and distribution processes. This is reflected, for example, in the treatment of waste, where we ensure the maximum optimization of raw materials for manufacturing and we apply selective recycling policies on leftover waste.


At MCP we care about people’s wellbeing and work-life balance; to this end, we have a plan that guarantees the achievement of a healthy, safe and healthy environment.

To achieve this, we take measures such as family reconciliation, in order to increase staff motivation, and the application of the five “S” of production, increasing safety, health and productivity. Along the same lines, we also carry out internal audits, monitoring of indicators and training in occupational risk, which results in the application of ergonomic and corrective measures in the processes.

International vocation

The international vocation is part of the Iguña Group’s DNA.

With our own headquarters and factory in Terrassa (Barcelona), we have offices in Morocco, Colombia, Algeria, Mexico and Jordan, from where we provide service to many countries.

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