For clean rooms and classified spaces

sandwich panel CONNECTORS

Perfil U


U connector for floor

The floor U-profile allows the union between the panel and the floor. The U-profile shall be mechanically anchored to the pavement.

Perfil Regulable


Adjustable floor profile

The adjustable profile allows the joint between the panel and the floor to be made by means of a bolt, absorbing existing imperfections.

Perfil H


Panel connector

The connector profile allows the panels to be joined together by clipping, providing extra rigidity to the assembly.

Perfil Registro


Connector profile for installations

This profile allows you to perform vertical and horizontal ducts for the passage of electrical installations, signals and small pipes.
Perfil H Techo


H-profile for ceilings

The H profile of ceilings allows the union between panels and of these with the ceiling by means of a rod.

Perfil T Techo


T-profile for ceilings

The T-profile for ceilings allows the connection between panels and between panels and the ceiling by means of a rod.

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